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Welcome to COMPASS International Innovations, Inc. (dba) Compass International

Computer-based image-guided surgery (IGS) systems are widely recognized in many branches of medicine as essential tools for the continued success and personal growth of medical professionals. And today, more and more surgeons use computer-based interactive surgical systems to enhance their skills. COMPASS International has been a pioneer in this field for more than 20 years! Compass™ Stereotactic Systems and the Cygnus-PFS™ intra-operative guidance products have undergone many years of development, refinement and use in the surgical environment of many busy clinical international practices.

With the Cygnus-PFS Portable Image-Guided Surgery System(tm) , your private practice or hospital can offer innovative intra-operative guidance technology at very affordable cost. A wide variety of intra-operative surgical procedures are possible. As new applications and instrumentation are continually developed, Cygnus-PFS systems may be upgraded for greater sophistication.

With COMPASS Stereotactic Systems, any institution can offer an innovative, life-saving technology unavailable in most areas and establish itself as a tertiary neurological center. A wide variety of neurosurgical procedures are possible. As case load increases, each COMPASS system can be upgraded for greater sophistication.

COMPASS International Instrument Line is under continual development. From its standard reusable Biopsy Needle, Disposable Biopsy Needle, Monopolar Coagulation, Sissors, Bipolar Forceps and more, COMPASS provides a variety of instruments for your institution.

COMPASS International is an acknowledged international leader in developing unique and proven approaches to interactive intra-operative surgical systems. Why not give us a call today or send us an email to see how a Compass or a Cygnus-PFS system may be configured to fit within your budget.