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Mobile IGS (Image Guided Surgery) Service

Cygnus PFS IGS Service

COMPASS International has been designing and developing Image-Guided Navigation equipment for over twenty years. The last year has seen many industries across the board downsizing, laying off employees, and cutting back on capital purchases.

In an effort to provide an IGS service to help generate new patients, retain previous patients, and at the same time cut operation costs we are now offering a mobile IGS service to hospitals without any capital outlay of money.

This mobile IGS service has been well received in other regions of the United States and we are now pleased to offer this in the Midwest.

Prior to our first procedure at your institution we will perform the following:

  1. Get Administrative Approval
  2. Complete CT and/or MRI Radiology Questionnaires
  3. Contact Bio-Med for Equipment Safety Testing
  4. Contact Necessary Nursing Staff
  5. Provide Sterilization Protocols for Central Services
  6. Supply Required Disposable Instrumentation for Sterilization
  7. Provide Protocols for Proper Reference Marker Placement

Mobile IGS Rate Sheet

Included with Service:

  1. Complete IGS System
  2. On-Site Qualified Engineer/Technician
  3. Set-up and Operation of IGS System
  4. Delivery and Pick Equipment
  5. Provide Required Disposable Instruments
  6. Provide Radiology Reference Markers If required

Please contact us for procedure rates.