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Compass Disposable Biopsy Needle
for “beautiful tissue”

“Beautiful tissue” is how one neurosurgeon describes samples taken with the new Compass Disposable Biopsy Needle. By “beautiful” he means a cleaner cut and larger sample for histopathology. Both benefits are functions of the needle’s optimized vacuum and cutting edge.

Unique “O” ring inside the captive locking thumb nut holds vacuum in the needle so that suction concentrates at the cutting window and securely holds a larger sample. Unique honed taper on the window edge of the outside canula slices cleanly and easily through the tissue.

Other Features:

Needle Window Unique Window Orientation Guides clearly define the cutting window position for the neurosurgeon. The blue bar on the outer canula is on the same side of the needle as the cutting window so that the window faces in the same direction as the bar. The window is open when the blue arrow points to the blue bar. Rotating the inner anula closes the window. Cutting is complete when the black bar aligns with the blue bar.

• Surgeon secures the moveable depth stop with a thumbscrew to insure the correct biopsy location.
Versatile for use with any stereotactic frame or frameless system.
Assurance of single use – Sterile-packaged individually, each needle is disposable to help prevent cross-contamination and eliminate the time and cost of esterilization. Single use also ensures that the needle has not been bent or dulled from previous use.


Length: 250mm Window: 10mm x 2.3mm
Outer canula diameter: 2.4mm

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
To order or to reorder quantity of five specify DBNP-30-10.