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Cygnus-PFS Image Guided Surgery (IGS) System

Cygnus Case

The Cygnus-PFS™ Image Guided Surgery (IGS) System was the first portable frameless stereotactic system for neurosurgical procedures. COMPASS International engineered away unnecessary and expensive hardware to shrink system size and cost while keeping the functionality of much more expensive systems. Computing power was concentrated into a UNIX laptop and compact surgical image processor.

Now through ongoing engineering, the latest Cygnus-PFS™ system provides capabilities for biopsies, bone flap placements, craniotomies, and other procedures. Optional ENT capabilities are also available. 

The latest software includes enhanced selection of reference points, tumor cross section, biopsy planning, image correlation, surgeon preferences, interactive selection of instrumentation, metal detection and more.

With the new Intellitrak feature, the system now detects if there is any metal in the field, which helps provide better accuracy.

Cygnus Stand
With the optional Portable Command Tower, the entire system can also be moved easily from room to room, and around the room. With multi-position arms, system components can be adjusted for user comfort and optimum access during a procedure. For additional convenience, you can add an optional 24" flat screen.

For details about systems, service and support, contact us at your earliest convenience